December 13, 2016

Our Partners


Trailermade Custom Trailers
We choose to build our Tiny Homes on the best foundation you can buy.  The advantages of a trailer built specifically for a Tiny House build are numerous, and the reasons to choose Trailermade over other Tiny Home foundations are equally as numerous. We only build on the best!


Engineered lumber
We use engineered laminated strand lumber (LSL) for top plates, bottom plates, king and jack studs – to ensure that your build is straight and strong enough to last you a lifetime!


Lowes Home Improvement
We trust Lowes quality lumber, adhesives and fasteners for our build!


Simpson Strongtie
We trust Simpson Strong Tie products to ensure that your tiny home will withstand the road, and any weather conditions that your home will experience!


Huber Engineered woods
Huber engineered wood offers us products that ensure we can provide you a home that is both air-tight, and water resistant! Our Tiny Home Shell builds always give you a solid foundation of airtight and water-tight construction, and Huber Engineered woods help us accomplish that@