June 23, 2016

How To Buy or Finance A Tiny Home

Buying a Tiny House can prove to be a difficult task at times, especially since most financial institutions don’t recognize your tiny home as a “real home”. At Einstyne Tiny Homes, we realize nothing could be further from the truth – Which is why we also offer “owner-financing” to our customers that qualify.

In-House Financing
We are currently offering in-house financing on Tiny House Shells! Offering an in-house/owner-financing to buy your tiny home presents a few challenges, but it’s certainly something we can offer. Financing your tiny home with us requires a deposit on your home, and varied length of payment terms. This kind of financing is something we tailor to each situation, so it’s something we would love to talk to you about! Contact us today to learn more!

Other financing options

Springleaf Financial – Offer Personal loans

Lightstream – A division of suntrust bank who offers tiny home loans up to 100k!

Tiny House Lending – Have great terms on loans for your tiny home!

You can google “Tiny House Loan” or “Tiny House Financing” and find potentially other great options for you!