December 14, 2016


The BEST Tiny House Shell. Guaranteed.

Get your Tiny House started the RIGHT WAY!

You want to take the plunge into “going tiny”, but you want to be sure to get the important stuff done right? We specialize in building Tiny House Shells that will provide you the perfect start to your build.  Finishing your Tiny House yourself gives you the opportunity to save a ton of time and money, and give you the freedom to complete the home in the way YOU want!

We can build you a Tiny House Shell from one of our base models – or we can build a custom design of your own creation!

Please note that all tiny house shells are built with wood frame construction. We also build with steel framing – let us know if that’s what you’d prefer!

Go here to learn more about how we build our Tiny House Shells!

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  • Trailer / Foundation

  • Trailers are a standard 8' wide, bumper pull configuration. These are alternative options!
  • Windows & Doors

    We include the rough-in for windows and doors at NO COST - here is where you'll add actual windows and doors to be installed
  • There are some size and style restrictions, however this will help us get an estimate to you!
  • Roof & Siding

  • We install a metal roof with a 40-year warranty if you wish!
  • Our standard siding is LP Smartside lap siding that comes with a 40-year warranty. If you wish to have different siding installed, please note that in the comments at the end!
  • Finishing Up

  • Do you have any additional information you want to provide, or special requests?


Please note: The above pricing does not apply for in-house financed or rent-to-own tiny house shells. The above pricing may change based on your location. Some jurisdictions have different building codes and may require additional or different materials to complete your tiny house shell!

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