July 29, 2016

The Tyndall

This is a very popular design among tiny home lovers and owners. This model features a monoslope (Also known as a 'Shed' roof) roof

There are advantages to this style of tiny house. The Tyndall, with a single-pitched roof you can maximize the roof area for placement of Solar Panels, as well as larger skylight options. This style maximizes headroom in the loft area on the highest peak of the roof. If you imagine that you'll orient your bed in the loft area with the "head" of the bed sitting on the side with the highest peak/room, it can give you the feeling of maximum headroom while sitting up after a long-night's rest!



The base Tyndall model comes with all that you'll find in our base Shell models:

  • Trailer Made Custom Tiny House Trailer
  • Insulated Floor
  • Advantech Tongue & Groove Subflooring
  • 2x4 Wood Frame Construction
  • Simpson Strong-Tie Hold-Downs and Lag Bolt Security
  • Zip System Sheathing
  • Framed Sleeping Loft
  • Metal Roof with Ice & Water Shield
  • Velux Fixed Skylight
  • Fiberglass Exterior Door

This model can be built in lengths from 16' - 28'.

Details about what these base shell model features can be found here, on our Shell page!

Below is a Tyndall model shown with the following additional options & upgrades:





  • Two, 2' Cantilevers framed at both ends of the trailer: A Cantilever will extend your loft space for an additional two feet. This means that you can either gain extra storage/sleeping space, or you can allow for additional headroom in the lower level of your tiny home by pushing your loft two feet further towards the end of the trailer without losing space!
  • Extended 18" overhang at the rear entry door side of the trailer: Coupled with a Cantilever, you're able to get over 3' of an overhang in the area you use to walk into your home (with a rear-trailer door). This can be great for a fold-down porch, and for keeping water-shed off your siding and walls.